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Jabra BT2045

Jabra BT2045
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หมวดหมู่ Bluetooth Headsets
ราคา 690.00 บาท
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แบรนด์ Jabra
ระยะเวลาจัดส่ง จัดส่ง 2-5 วัน
สภาพสินค้า สินค้าใหม่
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อัพเดทล่าสุด 16 ต.ค. 2556
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  • Easy to use, wear and enjoy
  • Attractive design
  • Clear sound
  • Multiuse™ - connects to 2 Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
  • Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 10 days standby time
Female officeworker mobileMaking wireless
calling easy
The new Jabra BT2045 is the perfect way to get the most out of your busy schedule and of your calls on the go. This intuitively designed Bluetooth® headset is made to be paired easily with your mobile phone and is practical to operate. With its new, improved look, the Jabra BT2045 gives you enhanced comfort by allowing you to choose whether to use it with or without an earhook. With its attractive and user-friendly design, the Jabra BT2045 makes wireless calling easy.
Jabra BT2045Safe drivingMatching safety while driving and calls is of outmost importance at Jabra. Jabra BT2045 provides true hands-free convenience and exceptional ease-of-use, so that you can drive safely, keeping in touch and making your calls without wires and with both hands on the wheel. 

Make the most of your callsWhether at home or on the go, get the most out of you calls and your time with the Jabra BT2045. Optimized sound quality on all your calls, great value for money and a practical and intuitive headset is ensured. The Jabra BT2045 delivers solid performance and an appealing design at a great price – all in one package.


  • Connectivity

    • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
      Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
    • Bluetooth version: 2.1
      Supports Bluetooth® version 2.1
    • AVRCP: No
      This device does not support AVRCP, meaning you cannot control your music directly from the device
    • Auto Pairing: Yes
      With Auto Pairing, a device pairs automatically with Bluetooth® devices supporting this feature
    • Music Streaming: No
      This device cannot stream music
  • Speakers

    • Frequency Response: Narrowband
      Speakers with a narrowband frequency response are capable of producing sound in a range well suited for traditional analog phone lines
    • Digital Signal Processing: No
      This device does not utilize DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Microphone

    • Microphone Type: Omni Directional/noise filter
      Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
    • Microphone Sensitivity: Standard (E-STD)
      Standard (STD) variation microphone sensitivity is comparable to a normal telephone receiver and is used in most telephone devices.
    • Mute function: No
      There is no option to "mute/unmute" a conversation directly from the device
  • Battery & Power

    • Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
      Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
    • Standby Time: Up to 240 hour(s)
      Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on
    • USB Charging: No
      This device cannot be charged via a USB cable
    • Battery Status Indicator: No
      This device does not have any Battery Status Indicator
  • Design

    • Wearing Style:
      • Ear hook or Over the ear is a flexible earhook that gently and comfortably holds the receiver to your ear
      • In the ear devices are worn in the ear
    • Weight: 9.64 grams
      How much the product weighs (in grams)
    • Length: 53mm
      The length of the product in millimeters
    • Width: 16mm
      The width of the product in millimeters
    • Depth: 25mm
      The depth of the product in millimeters
  • Control

    • Vibrator: No
      There is no vibration function on this device
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